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Summer 2002
Trim Bissell   ¡Volveremos! A project to document Living with the Consequences of US Policy in Central America
Walt Taylor   Africa: Peace with Justice Northwest Tour
Bill Thomson's Middle East Update   Heresies in Pursuit of Peace: Thoughts on Israel/Palestine
Voices of Peace   Please Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit?
My School of the Americas (SOA) Saga   Web links
Coffee and Fair Trade   Illegal Logging Threatens Ecological and Economic Stability
Public Citizen on the NEI   Science Magazine's Nuclear Waste: Yucca Mountain
John La Forge of Nukewatch   Power to the People.
Has God finally given us what we truly deserve? Lord have mercy   Ecstasy of Ecology - Penny Livingston and the Permaculture Institute
Watergate   Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog
"War On Terrorism": Winking At Nuclear Terror   Consider the Case of Patricia Sweets: The Failing Safety Net of Publicly Financed Health Insurance.
Author Norton Juster   Room with a Zoo
Mike's Office of Homeland Security   Royal Pains
This Is Nowhere   Meet Skip Schiel
Summer in the City Photos   Exodus Poems
Jane Farmer uses the medieval villanelle   Cedar Tree in her tribute villanelle poem
Oregon Shakespeare Festival'   Bach Festival
Best of the Web, Focus on the Environment.   Waging Peace
The Magic Fish, When Spirits Come Calling, Saving Wilderness in the Oregon Cascades and Cradle to Cradle.   Barbara S. Thompson's My Life
Ancient Forest Falling at Berry Patch   The Tales of Jim Foreman
Near-total Shutdown Looms for Rockfish along West Coast   A Century Of Splendor, the wonders of Crater Lake National Park
Where's Waldo? Waldo Lake   Cogentrix to Aquila, Going from Bad to Worse?
Northwest Coalition for Alternative to Pesticides   Trust for Public Lands
Heron Watching   The Cat That Flew
Sauerkraut and All That   Nighttime Intruder

Late Spring 2002
Voices of Peace, Volume V   Dr. Andreas Toupadakis' Notebook
W.H. Auden's poem September 1, 1939   Sam Smith, Nobody Left But Us.
Robert Jenson, Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy.   Alan McKay, DynCorp is Something to Watch
Patrick Morris, Hourglass Challenge.   Norman Solomon, New Media Heights For A Remarkable Pundit, Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud, Six Months Later, The Basic Tool Is Language
Marvelous Margaret Mead Traveling Film & Video Festival   World Choral Music by Northern Harmony
Stephanie Korschun's Insect Drawings   Photographer Stephen Voss
That Photo Guy   Williamette Repertory Theatre
Barbara S. Thompson's My Life Chapter 3.   Mary Zemke.Standing tall - Opposition floods the proposed Grizzly Power Plant.
Norman Maxwell, a Summary of the Fire Road Preservation Struggle   Patricia Frank, Spring Cleaning the Closet.
Kimball Lewis Anniversary   Lois Barton, Heron Rookery.
M.G. Hudson, Spencer Creek Journal   Ryan Ramon, 45th Parallel, Rain & Ramallah.
DEN, from Defenders of Wildlife WebWise Links

Early Spring 2002

Voices of Peace, Volume IV


Michael Nuess rewrites the equation for Peace, Prosperity and Energy.

Mary Robinson speaks: Globalization Has to Take Human Rights into Account.


Save Salt Springs Island: Why did it succeed?

Pilgrimage to Fort Benning.


Nona Glazer examines Pickets and Policy:A Brief Look at the Current Crisis in Public and Private Health Insurance and Care.

David Graeber asks What Real Globalization Would Mean.


"Lake Lorane" on Fire Road, A New Building Site?

Kevin reminds us Global Warming Is Real.


Citizens' State of the City (Eugene) Report on Livability.

Norman Solomon wonders What Happens To Music?


Barbara S.Thompson's My Life, Chapter 2.

Evan Woodward on Public Education: The Next Corporate Battleground?


Ryan Ramon's Life on the Forty-fifth Parallel -- Making Magic, Myth, and Money at the Movies.

Lois Barton's Sunnyside of Spencer Butte looks at The Good Old Days?


M.G. Hudson's Spencer Creek Journal Web-Wise Links


A Spring Meditation on Camas

Summer at Grandma's


That Photo Guy

Winter 2001-2002

A Holiday Blessing for our Readers by Teresa de Avila.


Caroline Williams tells of her family's amazing Tour of Middle East Bike!

Voices of Peace Volume III, Special Update Section


Remember The Tevis Cup: A Horse Named Raven Flies Over Mountains and Through the Woods.

Michael Lundblad, Save the Planet at the Movies?


Norman Solomon, A Sweet Message For Americans ñ "We Are Family".

Interview with Author Ann Brashes


Mary DeDanan is Holding the Light -- Solstice through time and place.

Barbara S.Thompson's My Life, Introduction & History


Paula Sanders McCarron considers Reflections: To Live with Abandon.

Norm Maxwell reports on the rural preservation legal struggle - now a kind of
"Victory" of Fire Road.


Lois Barton shares Some Christmas Memories

Buddhist Enviromental Network


Ryan Ramon ruminates about Life at the 45th Parallel


Links to "Understanding Islam" Sites.

The Bum by Ryan Ramon


The Mermaid and the Dolphin -- The final chapter of an eco-adventure by Maura McGoorty.

That Photo Guy,


A Gift from Wellsprings Friends School.

A High Wind, by Barbara S. Thompson


The Solstice in Grandmother Maple.

A Recipe for Water for the children of Iraq


Ward Kelly

Lois Barton's Wild Trees



Fall 2001
Voices for Peace, Volume II Why We Oppose the Building of the SE2 Energy Power Plant
Free Trade in Misery Farm Workers Walk for Justice
Livability Campaign Why We Challenge the Proliferation of Cell Phone Tower Placement
Techno Babble My Life in the Twentieth Century, Chapter 8
The Sacred and the Profane Web Humor
Knowing Eyes and Turkey Talk Mulching for Fall
The Mermaid and The Dolphin, Chapter Three Ward Kelley's Poems
Gordon Clark That Photo Guy
Memories from Minnesota in Letter from Lorna A Spencer Creek Journal
Advice for the Clueless  

Late Summer 2001
Rural Rajastan, India Terrorism, Television, and the Rage for Vengeance
The Greens in 2004 How Many Innocents May Be Saved
GenoaMy Life in the Twentieth Century, Chapter 7, Eugene Home Is Where They Lay Me Down
An Alaskan Summer Inland Passage
Love Thy Neighbor (but not necessarily their animals) Techno Babble
Hoedad Celebrate Reforestation History Hoedads Half & Half --Wild Women of the Woods
Life on the Forty-fifth Parallel A Great Ride
The Other Oregon John Balzar
The Tentative Truce of Fire Road Goats
A Spencer Creek Journal The Mermaid and The Dolphin, Chapter Two
Poem for Patricia With Your Shield Or On It
Barbara Thompson's selected poems Skipping Stones
That Photo Guy  

Summer 2001
Mr. Solomon dreams of Mr. Orwell in George Orwell in 2001: Speaking from the Grave Simulating Democracy...   National Catholic Reporter's Guest Editorial says Nuclear Power Industry is Dangerous to Taxpayers.
Faery & Faery Lore, Folk, and Fine.- by Mary DeDanan   Jane Cox Farmer's The Moth
Peter DeFazio with Rushing to Extend a Failed Trade Policy and Energy Deregulation-The Big Lie.   The Mermaid and The Dolphin, Chapter One
Nancy B. Wright updates her Manna Seed   Stanley Thompson presents Chapter 6, The Cabinhill Tree Farm as the ongoing saga reveals "My Life in the Twentieth Century".
Patricia Frank Loves Libraries!   Readers are sharing ideas and impressions
How to Save Social Security   Sarah Susanka talks about her book The Not So Big House with Dave Weich of
Michael Kemp, artist, builds himself a Yurt, Sweet Yurt   Norman Maxwell updates us on The Tentative Truce of Fire Road
Rayon Ramon salutes summer Lawn Care.   Lois Barton remembers the old Chicken House and The Old Man and the Fairies.
Spencer Creek Journal records trees and sky.   That Photo Guy
Syrena Glade presents her powerful poetry   Michael Kemp uses computer graphics to open his Fantasy Art Gallery
The Abundance of Wild Roses by Jacquie Nicholson-Black    

Late Spring 2001
Ryan Ramon - The Farm   Moxie and the African Queen by Elizabeth Engstrom
To Kill or Not to Kill. Is that the Question? - Kimball Lewis   Court Decision on Measure 7
My Life In The Twentieth Century, Chapter 5, Washington, D.C. and Howard University   The Day of the Quake - Nathan Morgan
To Grandmothers House We Go ... tra la la - Lorna Manderschied   Lois Barton's Spring in Rural Western Oregon, The Snows of Spring,
and Early April Morning
Dave Weich interviews Deepak Chopra   Wings by Doug Tanoury
Sam & His Amazing Catch by M.G. Hudson   The Northwestness Of Spring by Patricia Frank.
Paintings and sketches by Chamel Raghu   Guy Weese's Photography
Mary Gallinger recently returned from Honduras and filed A Limon Journey   Norman Solomon - U.S.-China Dispute, The Digital promise of a global village, and Bad News Bears Change Tone of Media Script.

Early Spring 2001
Norman Solomon - Obstinate Memory and the Pursuit of the Present & Fighting AIDS in Africa and Brazil.   Disaster Preparedness and Your Animals - Kimball Lewis.
African Notebook: Going to the Beach - Alma Cunningham   Elizabeth Engstrom - "Charlie's Grave."
Arthur Jones - "World Holds Its Polluted Breath."   Ryan Ramon - "The Farm."
Peg Morton and Michael Carrigan - Vigil to Close the School of the Americas.   1000 Friends of Oregon hail Court Decision on Measure 7.
Peter DeFazio (D-OR) - Election Reform Commission.   Pacific NW Sacred Harp Singing Convention Feb 24-25
Norman Solomon - 50 Years Later, The Tragedy of Nuclear Tests in Nevada & From Global South's Side Of The Media Looking Glass.   Stan Thompson - My Life In The Twentieth Century, Part 4, "Turkey, Where East Meets West."
Joseph Kinney   "Happy Birthday, Kathy" - Barbara Kelley.
David Freeman begins a 225 mile six week wilderness trip with his dog, Tundra: school classes can join him.   Peg Morton - same old School of Assassins.
James Gleick   "Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.
Lois Barton - Cauldron Tales & Old Stumps.   Nature photographer/ meditator Ginger Thompson
Chamel Raghu   Woody Carey - "Cult of Personality"
.Guy Weese's Photography  

Winter 2000-01
African Notebook: A Note on Transportation   Confirmation Path Greased For Ashcroft? Not So Fast!
America's Other Homeless Problem   The US Electoral Fiasco: A View from the Left
Open Letter: Dear Ralph & Trust The People   Is the next presidency going to be legitimate?
Earth Poem   A Christmas Story
Some Ideas For Celebrating Christmas   Olympic Peninsula National Forest Photo Essay
Engineering   Afterward
William Least Heat-Moon   Philip Pullman
City Slickers Get a Christmas Tree   Home, Home On Fire Road
Circles   Raven the Fire-giver
Guy Weese's Photography   "Cascade Camping Con Caballista or High ho, Silver

Fall 2000
A report on Plan Columbia by Joan McIntyre World Teach volunteers in Chiapas, Mexico help a new industry -- Eco-tourism!
Apple pie making in The Sunnyside of Spencer Butte by Lois Barton Loving the Loom . And 'Best of Oregon' Show weaveroú`
A Season of News Coverage: No Cure For Political Blues and Broadcasters Celebrate Big Gains from Violence and Greed. Living The Labyrinth, Part One
My Life in the Twentieth Century , "Education" Facts and Fiction: How Your Animal Shelter Works by Mr. Lewis.Horse Neglect and Abuse in America: Fact and Fiction.
A Duck's Life Reggie
The Continuing Story of the Battle for Fire Road by Norm Maxwell. Open Letter to the Chancellor of Higher Education
Open Letter to the President Carol Huboi Werry, Part One and Part Two
Los Dias De Los Muertos Art

Late Summer 2000
Dr. Paul Kail on Food and Famine Prevention Living the Labyrinth Series, Part Two, Celebrating Altar-ed States.
Congressman Peter DeFazio Earth Prayers by Mary DeDanan and also Bliss Washington Billings.
Barbara Kelley's Paving Over Paradise. Alternative Autos , It's A Gizmo!
Interview with Anchee Min
Joe Thornton's Pandora's Poison.
Please Pass The Books/ Picnic Picks Seal poem
The Cowboy Way by Kimball Lewis A Jane Cox Farmer poem with painting, On Being Eighty.
Norm Maxwell's The Battle for Fire Road. Last Chance for Chase, a story of animal salvation through e-mail by Linda Mecum.
Roscoe Caron's America's Teachers: 21st Century Segregation. Green Scene
Comments on Nuclear Power Stan Thompson's My Life in the Twentieth Century, Introduction by Patricia Gray.
Conversations With Artists, features painter Northwest painter Margaret Stark Kemp by M.G. Hudson. The Courtship of Aunt Lelia, by Maura McGoorty
A Prescription for the "Lesser of Two Evils" Election Malaise Animal Welfare and Protection for A New Century by Mr. Lewis.
The Mystery of Fox Hollow Manderscheid's On the Waterfront: Cool Views of Seattle from the Ferry.
Mary Siegfried's offers haiku photography Eek! The Elk! Photo essay
At Home or On the Road - Guy Weese's photography  

Summer 2000-
The Pan Man. Labyrinths - A Way of Life
Jon Kemp Michael Kemp On The Road With Steve Astillero
Guy Weese Dr. Addy Gabby
protect animals from barbaric leg-hold traps interviews author Paul Theroux
inspirational Genetically Modified Foods
Wolf Children and Feral Man The Right To Know
Heroes and Hellions To Be Or Not
Father's Day Is for Daddy The Midwife
Summer in the Country Conversion
Spencer Creek Journal Classified Ads
A Dog's Life Summer in the City
Letters to the Editor Editor

Spring 2000-
Photos by Michael and Jon Kemp To A Young Grandchild
Photos by Guy Weese The New Sustainable Forestry Measure
Margaret Mead Film Festival Life On the 45th Parallel
Young People's Writings Manna Seeds
Engstrom's "Rivering" Ask Dr. Addy Gabby
Interview with Brooke Stone and Co. Peter DeFazio
Book Reviews - Nygren on Walter Benjamin A quote by Nelson Mandela
A Logger's Caveat Spencer Creek Journal
Sunny Side of Spencer Butte Early Spring Walk