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Voices of the Northwest

Voices of the Northwest
Resurrection of West by Northwest Online Journal
M.G. Hudson, editor and publisher
An experiment to expand some interactive concepts of the Internet within this zine did not fly as expected. Hence, we are returning to our down-home roots of making this zine and site the main focus of our internet project. Coming this spring, 2010, West By is becoming a quarterly online journal with a renewed commitment to good regional writing and with special emphasis on sustainability. Please join us as we dust off the files and launch a new edition of celebrating ten years online.
Feb 10, 2010

Voices of the Northwest
Memory Project: Rose Wilder Lane, Ghostwriter in the Sky
Bill Nygren
Reclaiming Rose Wilder Lane is not an easy project: "Time has been unfair to her. Forty-years after her death, Lane is remembered, except among radicals and feminist academics, less as a political writer and best-selling novelist under her own name, than as a contributor to the Little House series... The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is shattering all its box office records with a Little House musical, which started in Aug. This saga of a caring, self-reliant family pulling together during hard times is evocative for all eras, but perhaps once again it seems especially apt." -a feature at West By Northwest and Memory
Nov 20, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Current Highlights: Marine Reserve Proposals Get Cold Shoulder
Winston Ross, The Register-Guard
Here is a classic case where the long-term interests of people are different from the short-term interests. "A panel commissioned by the state unveiled 20 proposals for marine reserve sites to a hostile crowd in Reedsport on Tuesday, cautioning the dozens of concerned fishermen and related-business owners that the Ocean Policy Advisory Council was only in town to talk about what to do next, not to debate any specific ideas... That admonition went over like an asphalt salmon boat." - with a thanks and a link to The Register-Guard
Oct 8, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Current Highlights: Web Map's View of the Ocean Floor
Winston Ross, The Register-Guard
"But this is no ordinary map, says Oregon State University’s Chris Goldfinger, an associate professor in the school’s College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. It’s the first and best-detailed look at Oregon’s territorial sea, right down to the shape of the rock and sand at the ocean floor and the types of fish in whatever area you choose to more closely scrutinize. It’s useful for a range of things, from picking out choice spots for marine reserves to wave energy parks to the likely path of an approaching tsunami. And you — that’s right, you — can use it just as easily as any pedigreed scientist." -with a thanks and a link to Oregon Marine
Oct 8, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Current Highlights: Oregon Liquefied-Natural-Gas Terminal Approved
By Matthew Daly, Associated Press
Your editor wanted to just write some children's stories and let this mad world go by. But I can't ignore my friends dying of cancers and the world's climate change. The following two linked stories explain some of the pieces of the whole puzzle. As long as we pretend there are no consequences, the toll will rise. "The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Thursday approved a liquefied- natural-gas terminal along the Columbia River — the first LNG terminal on the West Coast to receive such approval...'Today's decision by the federal government lacks accountability to the environment and the people of Oregon,' (Gov.) Kulongoski said in a statement. 'The commission has decided to ignore the law and instead approve a project with incomplete mitigation plans and without regard to Oregon's important concerns.'" - with a thanks and link to The Seattle Times
Oct 8, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Current Highlights: Poison Forces All to Pay for Timber Firms’ Profits
Victor Rozek
Toxic spraying happened in Mohawk Valley and we may look forward to spraying too near Twin Oaks and Lorane schools. How many years, O Lord? "One of the things polluting industries do exceedingly well is deny the relationship between cause and effect. In the first eight months of this year the Oregon Department of Forestry received notification of intent to spray herbicides on nearly 67,000 acres of private timberland in Lane County. For decades, industrial poisons have been unleashed upon the land. Timber companies claim this cumulative chemical soup has no effect on people. People disagree..." -with a thanks and a link to The Register-Guard
Oct 8, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
A Summer Solstice Sonnet
William S. Gregory
Oregon playwright and poet William S. Gregory celebrates summer with this offering. May your gladness be a beacon, sip deep before you sleep... Midsummer joys make our hearts leap. Bee and Mallow photo by Patrick Hudson -a feature at
Jun 25, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
The RG's Porter/Mickey Exchange Over BLM's Western Oregon Plan Revision
Sam Porter and Ross Mickey
"But the BLM is required to comply with the Endangered Species Act to 'provide the means whereby the ecosystems upon which an endangered species depends may be conserved.' And although this crucial and ecologically insightful NFMA regulation – 'to maintain all native vertebrate species in a viable state across their ranges'– is not legally binding on the BLM, that agency should"...and the reply from Ross Mickey, the Western Oregon Manager for American Forest Resource Council. And Porter's second letter in reply.– a feature at and a thanks to Sam Porter and the RG
Mar 20, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
The LNG/Pipeline Conversation
Sha Spady
Oregon Public Broadcasting has a new call-in show called Think Out Loud covering regional issues. This thoughtful writer replied:"Simply put the LNG/No LNG issue is a classic example of the meeting of conflicting paradigms: the pre-21st century 'Human Entitlement' paradigm vs. the 21st Century 'Sustainability' paradigm." –with a link to OPB's Think Out Loud
Mar 20, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Why BLM's Plan Is Indefensible
Sam Porter
"Under the National Forest Management Act, management strategies have 'to maintain all native vertebrate species in a viable state across their ranges.' Under the Endangered Species Act, such strategies have to 'provide the means whereby the ecosystems upon which an endangered species depends may be conserved...' Will tripling the cut on BLM’s heavily logged lands comply with such requirements? Even the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Marine Fisheries Service say the BLM’s plan will harm water quality and salmon. It appears the BLM did not consult the EPA or the fisheries service regarding federal environmental laws."
–with a thanks and a link to The Register-Guard

Feb 14, 2008

Voices of the Northwest
Good Giving
Barbara Kelley
Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas and Joyous Kwanzaa. As we celebrate the winter holy days, we need to remember to keep it simple, give from our hearts and to be gentle to the earth. Our occasional contributor, eco-mother Barbara Kelley, shares a few thoughts on how and why to do so. -a feature at
Dec 6, 2007

Voices of the Northwest
The Story of Linus Pauling and Oregon State University
Kyle Odegard, Corvallis Gazette-Times
"University collection preserves legacy of famed scientist... Sinatra, Gandhi and Einstein wrote to Pauling... 'This is a microcosm of the social, political and scientific history of the 20th century,' Mead said... Mead took a file for the letter K and flipped through it, listing various members of the Kennedy family, Martin Luther King Jr., Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and others...
The collection, he said, is the largest associated with an individual scientist anywhere in the world. Securing the Pauling Papers in 1986 was the result of 20 years of work by four different OSU presidents, competing for the property with other institutions...Pauling hadn’t been a year-round presence in Corvallis since he graduated in 1922, but his reasons for choosing OSU for his collection included sentiment; he met his wife there... Only OSU sought the papers of Ava Helen Pauling, a peace activist who influenced her husband to devote himself to the cause in 1957." –with a thanks to the Corvallis Gazette-Times and a link to The Register Guard

Nov 13, 2007

Voices of the Northwest
The BLM's Spray Plan from Hell
Barbara Kelley
Oregon's own Jean de Arc of Save Our ecoSystems is as passionate as it takes to save a forest, a planet, and maybe our souls. Her public comments to the BLM stand upright in the sun: "I refuse to muffle or disguise the fury I feel in looking over your 'plan from hell' to ruin our forests. Most people have been persuaded to take a cool, scientific approach in their critiques, and to avoid emotion. I think this is a misplaced value... Your role as God is a failure. The results of your misguided policies are disastrous. Oceans are rising, biodiversity is falling, extinctions are rising alarmingly, pollution is at an all time high, people are ill... Your activities and you yourselves are complicit in all this. Sorry, that is the unadorned truth." a feature of
Aug 17, 2007

Voices of the Northwest
Sadler's Sense: Narrowcasting to Different Worlds
Russell Sadler
A shared reality is crucial to problem-solving. Can we explain our local and national, political logjams with the growing phenomenon of narrowcasting? "Narrowcasting allows commercial outlets to create their own reality -- their own facts -- for their true believers. This is not news, of course. It is sheer propaganda designed by publicists masquerading as newscasters who have learned to divide the nation in order to conquer public opinion... I first wrote a column on the fragmentation of the mass media and the consequences of narrowcasting in the late 1990s... Former congressman Les AuCoin read it and asked me, 'So how are we going to govern the country if everyone is operating on different facts?'" – a feature at
Jun 10, 2007

Voices of the Northwest
This Winter Green Farmer Loves Some Weeds
Linda Davies
Take a spring herbal walk with our favorite Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmer, Linda Davies and get inspired to use the wild, tasty and healing bounty of the earth: Wait, don't curse that tall stinging plant! "Fresh, young nettle leaves are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. They are very high in calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and B-Complex. The leaves and stalks also supply Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The cooked greens may help to stabilize blood sugar, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, restore adrenal potency to lessen allergen and menopausal problems and eliminate chronic headaches." Also this is your invitation to the Winter Green Farm's Spring Open House Potluck Party at the Farm June 2, 2007. Meet the baby animals and make a scarecrow. See you there! a feature at
May 10, 2007

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