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AP Photo by Nasser Nasser

A Palestinian girl cries along with two woman as she
accompanies the body of a relative from Ramallah's hospital
morgue Tuesday April 2, 2002. Palestinian hospital officials
buried some 15 dead in a mass grave in the parking lot of
Ramallah's hospital, as Israeli forces lifted the curfew for four
hours to allow Palestinians out of their homes.

When we look at the world we see the handiwork of violence and power in the lives of ordinary people just trying to live a decent life. Why is it, too often as Americans, we see others' suffering as different than our own? It isn't. Although the circumstances are... Because of the escalating crisis in the Middle East between the Israeli military and Palestinian civilians, and the Israeli civilians and suicide bombers, West By Northwest.org shares the information, articles, links and perspectives of Readers and Friends who use the Internet to expand our understanding.

A special thanks to C.T., kevin, Karen, Kristen, Alan and others of my Quaker peace listserv who read and share in the hope that through understanding we may help find some solutions. I find them a fount of lively ideas and resources.

It is when we cease to care that all hope is lost. -editor

"The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is gravely concerned about the deepening crisis in the Middle East. Even though currently the direct conflict is between the Israelis and Palestinians, we are concerned that this war will spread to other countries in the Middle East. It is our firm belief that there is no military solution and that violence will not bring a resolution to this conflict. Only by reducing violence can there be movement towards a diplomatic solution. Only through diplomacy can Israelis and Palestinians find a way to live together in peace and security within internationally recognized state borders, agreed to by the two parties."
from the statement below All Life Is Sacred:End the Killing and the Occupation -- American Friends Service Committee


A Few Reflections on the History of Jewish Oppression While Standing for Non-violence and Justice for All in the Middle East by Lisa Santer

Sharon's best weapon: Anti-semitism sustains Israel's brutal leader - the fight against it must be reclaimed by Naomi Klein. An excerpt from The Guardian, April 24, 2002 http://www.guardian.co.uk

All Life Is Sacred: End the Killing and the Occupation ,The Call to Peace Action by The American Friends Service Committee.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner a Criminal Extremist Organization? Friends respond to illegal police surveillance in Denver.

The Travel Diary of Lilian Peters and David Jackman, AFSC Middle East Representatives.

Lifting The Facade: An Unprecedented Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds In The West Bank And Gaza Strip by Defense for Children, International. You can help right now with e-mail.

State Terrorism vs. Individual Terrorist Acts by Dr. Lev Grinberg, Director of the Humphrey Institute for Social Research at Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Forced Off the Air in Ramallah by Daoud Kuttab, director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University, which operates Al Quds Educational Television.

WBUR Interview's with two young members of the Abraham Fund , a coexistence group vital to Israel's future (with websites).

Water and Rice Patents -Seeds of Future Wars? from a Friends e-mail. Good thoughts and links.

Palestinians Are Blurry In The Editorial Frame by Norman Solomon.

Letters from the Middle East:

Updated Appeal From The Siege Of Ramallah, by Capella School Students and members of the International residents community.

Witness to War - Notes from Daesha Refugee Camp and Bethlehem by kevin s and Kristen Schurr, members of the International Solidarity Movement.

Peace Conference Announcements:

War, Virtual War, and the Challenges to Communities, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference marks the launch of a new project to provide a challenging forum, 16 to 18 July 2002, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Building Peace In The 21St Century: New Responses To New Forms Of War, Pendle Hill Conference, May 3-5, 2002, Philadelphia.

Web Links:

Letters from Ramallah
- From MattSouth.Net Matt's parents, Colin and Kathy, are directors of two Friends Schools in Ramallah. Matt set up a web site where we can read up-to-date e-mail from them if the electricity is on.

The New York Times' Alisa Solomon reviews a play which is very topical, not only for the Israeli-Palestinian crisis but for the nuclear arms problem and so much else in our present world. Billed "A Jewish Avenger, a Timely Legend", a new production of H. Leivick's Yiddish classic, "
The Golem," raises enduring questions about violence and its consequences.

Our thanks to C.T.P.

Adam Shaprio of the International Solidarity Movement
in Israel and the reactions back home in New York, by Holger Jensen of the Denver Rocky News Mt. News help us get to know these civilians who are trying to stop the violence while sometimes setting off unexpected reactions at home. Called by some the "Jewish Taliban" and others a hero, his parents in NYC have been forced to move because of death threats.

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