Voices of Peace

and Social Justice

Volume VI

Updated 7-6-02
"Israel Prize laureate David Tartakover,
a long-standing supporter of Yesh Gvul, has graciously granted us the rights to the poster he designed to mark the 35th anniversary of the occupation. The poster is on view at our website. Copies are available for a donation of 50 NIS (aprox 15 USD) towards having copies of the poster pasted up on municipal billboards throughout Israel." Peretz Kidron - Ram Rahat

The world holds its collective breath as India and Pakistan amass troops on the borders. The focus of the dispute, the legendary Kashmir, the mountain garden of southeast Asia, could become a living hell beyond imagination. The swords are unsheathed. But now the ultimate sword is nuclear. Even if limited nuclear weapons are unleashed, the whole world will change forever. Besides the unthinkable scale of death, disease and famine to the people and ecological damage to the environment of the area, there is the world wide effects of radiation that would be carried by the trade winds to all the planet. We all have an immediate and vital stake in the work of peace with justice. Our very collective survival depends upon it. It is sad and ironic that the lands that gave rise to the modern movement of mass non-violence fell into the nuclear weapons trap.

The inspiration of the active, non-violent resistance of the Gandhian Peoples Movement in India (and Pakistan) brought about the end of the British empire. It profoundly influenced the American Civil Rights movement, the North American New Labor movement from the United Farmworkers to the S.E.I.U., the U.S. Peace movement, the Polish Solidarity movement, the Philippine's Peoples Power movement, and many sectors of the South African Anti-apartheid movement, the Chinese Democracy movement, and the worldwide peace and social justice and ecology movements.

The Gandhian influence is also at work in the Middle East where peace activists of all nationalities, especially Palestinian and Israeli, are engaging the masters of war for the future of the region and maybe the world. In this issue of West By Northwest's Voices of Peace, we look at the changing role of American Jews who love peace and justice as well as the best ideals of Israel.

Also, as news about Latin American coups and elections are highlighted again in our group consciousness, we present a unique project by Paul Dix and Pam Fitzpatrick who are returning to Central America after seventeen years to document and witness the long-term effects of war and peace on real people and places.

We hope the following articles and web sites will help as you explore the issues, challenges and inspire your work for peace and justice.


We remember Walt Taylor who authored a visionary "blueprint" on Waging Peace for a Living: An Action Plan for Survival of Life on Earth. Reviewed by Lois Barton.

Visit Professor Bill Thomson's amazing news sources from his Middle East Update -- fresh daily.

Message from Hopi Elders
from the 2001 Annual Greeting

Letter from Cathy Woods of Creative Resistance on Gandhi and change, introducing website for social justice for the poor of British Columbia.

Dirty Bombs and Civil Rights from the editorial page of The New York Times.

Fran Shor -- Meanwhile, Back in Afghanistan from Common Dreams.org

No Nukes Over Kashmir
petition, a grassroots response to sign online.

Arundhati Roy is Under the Nuclear Shadow from the Guardian /Observer.

Muzamil Jaleel writes My Lost Country and Peace Plans for Kashmir , also from the Guardian/ Observer with links.

Pam Fitzpatrick and Paul Dix have pledged!Volveremos! We Shall Return: Living with the Consequences of US Policy -- The Central America Photo Testimony Project with Paul Dix's poweful photographs.

Peg Morton's School for Dictators on Trial as she prepares to go to court. Expanded & Updated.

Starhawk, a world activist and spiritual leader, proposes Heresies in Pursuit of Peace: Thoughts on Israel/Palestine

Sarah Shields asks Please Dad, Tell Me: How Do I Stop Being Complicit? a powerful open letter to her progressive rabbi father.

A professor of international law, Francis A. Boyle's brief summary :Prosecute Israeli Crimes At Jenin: Sharon to The Hague!

George Qassis and the International Solidarity Movement with many fascinating web links. Thanks to Bill Thomson's Middle East Newsletter.

Yesh Gvul, a respected Israeli peace group, appeals to help support the growing numbers and risks of the Refuseniks.

Alec Dubro, an American Jew in Israel, writes in Ha'aretz Payback Time, (Give Me Back My Trees).Thanks to Bill Thomson.

Petition Protesting AFL-CIO President John Sweeney's Support for Israeli Invasion from concerned union members.

Meet African writers and scholars as they promote understanding about Africa: Peace with Justice Education Tour which begins June 2002 in the Pacific Northwest.

Closer to home, "Some call it the Friendly Frontier; others see it as the starting point for the third world war. Small Alaskan town prepares for missile site in wilderness" by Duncan Campbell in Delta Junction, Alaska The Guardian

Jonathan Freedland sees Bringing peace out of the shadows. Veterans of the conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland seek to
make the impossible possible at The Guardian

Michael Lerner examines the Jews for Justice. Some American Jews today feel betrayed by Israeli policies. from the Nation.



A Time for Dissent in America An Op/Ed by Richard Reeves from Yahoo News

Latin America

School of the Americas Watch

¿Qué es nuevo en Colombia?

India /Pakistan

Kashmir Special by the Guardian

Middle East

Bat Shalom


Christian Peacemakers Teams

Foundation for Middle East Peace

Gush Shalom

Jewish Unity for a Just Peace

Middle East News Online

Not In My Name

Other Israel

Rabbis for Human Rights

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

Shalom Center


United Methodist Church

thanks to Lois Barton and Eugene Friends Meeting

Fellowship of Reconciliation -thanks to Mary Sharon

No such thing as a little nuke! Least We Forget - The Effects of Radiation in Chernobyl





http://www.muslimedia.com/archives/book98/armsbk.htm - thanks to kevin s

The Nation has created a special page of resources on the MiddleEast.

Currently, you can find links to groups offering news and background info, a recommended-reading list, and a complete collection of recent relevant Nation commentary. thanks to ctp

AFL-CIO Petition WeObject Labor takes a stand about the use of its name and shelter.